Born: 1976 Lakeview OR. Grew up Cd'A. Graduated North Idaho College with business degree in Computer Applications in 1999. Own, operate web design company from my home last 11 years. Lived in ESFD almost 18 years. Married for 20 years, mother of 2. I live on a beautiful little farm and raise honeybees as well as pigs and chickens.

  Charlotte Pegoraro    since 2012    Deputy Chief

  Kathy Flint   since 1999    EMT

Born: Brooklyn, NY
Work History: Typesetter, Non-Profit Executive Director and Consultant, Contemporary Art Gallery Manager.
Interests/Hobbies: Creating Automatons, cement sculptures and mosaics, reading.

 Ken Goucher     since 2004     Code Official
 Jo Moncrief                 Public Relations, Photographer

 Fred Fricke           since 2013    Commissioner

Born in Bethesda, Md; raised in California. 
Married for 35 years.
: Registered Nurse for 30 years
Moved to Idaho in 2004. 
: Photography, camping/hiking/fishing,
kayaking, reading and knitting

Work History: White Pass Yukon Railroad-Fireman, USN-Aviation Technician Navigation, Texas Instruments-Electronics Tech, Civil Servant USN-Electronics Engineer, Owner, Eastlake Water Services.
: Fishing, snow skiing, woodworking

  Dave Banks               ESFD since 2009 Station 1  Fire, EMT

 Keith Botai     since 2011  Station 1 Fire      Commissioner

Retired: Medical Director for Valley Gastroenterology - Spokane
Working in the medical field for 30+ years.
Hobbies: Lake life, snowmobiling, skiing, hiking, and my family.
Yoga instructor, HCAA EMT since 2005
Married my high school sweet heart, (Wallace High School)
Son and daughter.

  Leslie Covey                              since 2007     EMS
 Kevin Cozad                     since 2014    Station 1  Fire
 Nanci Currie                       since 2009    Station 2   EMS
 Robert Farmer         since 2013   Station 1  Fire, EMS
 Ed Gossett   since 2001   Station 3 Fire Captain

 Jack Hargrave                since 2004   Station 1 Fire
 Steve Harns                          since 2010     Station 1 Fire

 Gary High                                      Station 2 Fire, EMS

Born: 1938 Jerome, AZ. Banning HS, Harbor Jr. College (LA)
Deanna 1963, 2 children & 3 grandchildren.
Santa Ana FD 1962, Fire Captain responding to variety of emergencies including many large wildlands fires in SoCal.
Member Taskforce 5, F.E.M.A., USAR responded Oklahoma City bombing & Northridge Earthquake.
family, travel, fishing, hunting, and water sports.

  Joe King                                       since 2009    EMS
 Jason Klaske                         since2014   Station 2 Fire

 Jerry Lynn                             since 2014  Station 2  Fire                  

North Idaho native.
Work History:
Healthcare Technology and Services
  hunting,fishing, skiing,hiking, time with family
Married to Kristi , 3 children, 3 grandchildren

 Don Wilson                 since 1994      Code Official

Lorraine Thiele                                   since 2005     EMS

  Deborah R. Stone                              since 2013  EMS

Member of ESFD Auxiliary since May 2013.
Retired attorney

 Shawn Whitcomb             since 2012  Station 1 Fire

 Work History:
Divisional Marketing Director, Owner/Operator and Consultant Coffee Industry, Property Management
 Hobbies: Most winter mountain sports, water sports, golfing, hiking and reading

 Amy Reagan        ESFD since 2013 Station 2   Fire, EMS

 Mary Mills                                         Commissioner

Al Naugle                         since 2003     Station 3   Fire

Born, raised: Alhambra CA, moved to Idaho in 2004. Married
to Jo. Two grown kids, Jeff & Karen in CA and AZ
Work history:
Registered Pulomonary Technologist & licensed
Respiratory Care Practitioner in CA. USC Medical Center in L A.
Dept. Director at Saddleback Memorial Med Center 18 yrs. 
CEO of Oxygen/Durable Med Equip. Co 11 years. Retired 2004
Fishing/boating/kayaking, hiking/snowshoe, photogr
  Gil Moncrief                   since 2012  Station 2   Fire
 Norb Twillmann     since 2007 Station 1 Fire  Lieutenant
Born: Spokane 1954  Married, 5 children and 5 grandchildren
Navy. B.ED and M.ED: E WA Univ. & U of I. Teacher & Principal in Cd'A School Dist. 33 years. P/T Capacity Builder for State, Instructor for U of I and LCSC. National Ski Patrol.
Skiing, Fly Fishing, Hiking/camping, Honey Bees, Beer Making and Guitar Playing
Future Goals:
Travel, family, and become a better EMT

  Joel W. Palmer                              since 2013 EMS
Work History: Computer Specialist for National Park Service - Rocky Mountain National Park.  Admin Director for Department of Navy - Public Safety Department (Police, Fire, Safety, Security).  Retired in 2007.  Moved to Carlin Bay in 2001.
Interest/Hobbies: Yoga, Playing Cards, Boating, Skiing, Hanging out with family and friends.

  Susie Banks                         ESFD since 2009    EMT

 Carlene Cada            Since 2009     Station 2 Fire, EMS
Born and raised in San Diego, CA.
PharmD degree from UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy.
Worked 33 years as a chain store pharmacist.
Moved back home (for Dennis) to Idaho in 2007.
No kiddos, one cat.
Interests: Gardening, knitting, hiking/walking, volunteering.
Work History: Independent consultant, supply chain senior executive for various Fortune 100 US and International companies, member of the World Economic Forum
Playing drums, enjoying music, sailing, skiing, woodworking, reading
Married to Nanci, 6 grandchildren

  Dan Currie              since 2012              Fire Chief
  Jim Delaney          since 2014   Station 2  Fire Lieutenant
Work history: Four years USN Pacific Surface Fleet,
Diesel Service Mechanic, Production Supervisor,
Small business owner.
Second generation ESFD volunteer
Idaho Outdoors, kayaking,
fishing, hiking and target shooting.
Married: Joe 50 years, 2 children, 3 grandchildren. Registered Nurse 1985, Neonatal ICU 12 years Univ Cal Medical Ctr, Irvine.
Medical missions in disaster/war torn areas. Mercy Ships and Medical Teams Int'l in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Haiti, Libya, Indonesia & many African countries. HCAA EMT since 2001
snow skiing, camping, fly fishing, travel.

  Deanna King                             since 2009   EMS

Born: 1933.  Married Sylvia 1960
ESFD Commissioner since 2012
in mining industry 39 years including
7 years at Bunker Hill in Kellogg.
Retired in 1995. 
I am thankful to live in North Idaho.

  Bill Lampard    since 2001, Station 1 Fire 
 Akos Ador                                 since 2014  Station 1 Fire

Born:  Budapest, Hungary; came to America as an infant when
parents escaped communism; raised in Chicago, IL; defense job
stints in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Seattle and Los Angeles; retired
and moved to Idaho in 2013
Work History:
US Army infantry officer; Manager of various
defense software integration and fielding teams
Military & world history, reading, military model building
Born, Raised Los Angeles CA; 30 years Lake Tahoe; ID in 2001
Work History:
Navy Electronics Tech, USMC Fighter/Attack Sqdn,
Navy Flight Instructor, Auto business, Charter Pilot, Airline Pilot.
Ocean Captain 100 ton vessels. Retailer, Restaurant owner.
Speed Skating, Skiing, Sailplane Competition, SCUBA
Cosmology, Geology, Travel, Music (piano), Boating, Flying, Late 19th Century Art. Married 50 yr. to Barbara - 2 kids.

  Kenny Danielson            since 2002 Fire, EMS retired
 Paul Bole                       Since 2012             Station 2 Fire

Born: Santa Monica, CA.
Explorer Boy Scout.
Work History:
6 years in the US ARMY.
Crane operator for Boeing, then Champion Crane.
I love to help people and love this area.
 Lori Ador                         since 2014  Station 1  Fire  EMS
Born:  Los Angeles, CA; college in San Diego; lived in England for
nearly 20 years; retired and moved to Idaho in 2013
Work History:
  Technical/marketing writer, working in the industrial
electronics and defense computing sectors; manage rental properties
  Hiking/walking dogs in the pristine Idaho wilderness,
gardening, and endless household/outdoor projects