Become a part of neighbor-helping-neighbor
emergency services.

Our volunteers include both year-round and seasonal residents.

You will be trained in fire and/or medical emergencies. Fire responders train twice-monthly in the classroom on a weekday evening and "in the field" on a Saturday morning. Medical responders meet once per month and sometimes join in fire training as appropriate to the training scenario.

After Fire Fighter candidates attend classes in Essential Fire Fighting Practices they are issued protective clothing and other equipment including a pager which alerts them to respond to their station.

Emergency Medical Responders attend classes and receive certification after written and skills  testing. They are given a pager and are ready to respond.

Non-emergency activities may include: the annual Christmas party, summer picnic, Pancake Breakfast, yard sale, and others.

We are a friendly group, eagerly assisting newcomers become part of the team.

Contact any of our volunteers or
phone or email ESDF office - info on our home page.